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The following is a list of the services that we offer. Give us a call to discuss setting up a specific plan to address your lawn care needs. 
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LAWN CARE PROGRAM: Central CT Lawn Service offers an extensive Lawn Care Program, including full organic programs, to address a variety of needs. Our Lawn Care Program ensures a healthy and beautiful lawn year round. Read more about the general schedule for the Lawn Care Program here

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FULL ORGANIC PROGRAM: Central CT Lawn Service is proud to offer a full organic program, with no pesticide. Give us a call to find out more about the full organic programs at 860-829-2306. 


TREE & SHRUB PROGRAM: We will protect and invigorate your valuable ornamental trees and shrubs adding to the beauty of your landscape. Read more about the schedule for your Tree & Shrub program here


MOSQUITO CONTROL: What's more annoying than mosquitoes ruining your outdoor activities? Not too much. Not to mention, mosquitoes transmit viruses like West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Read more about our Mosquito Control Program here


FLEA AND TICK CONTROL: Flea and tick problems are not limited to homes that have pets. Squirrels, raccoons, rodents, deer and other wildlife traveling through trees and yards can drop off fleas and ticks anywhere. The key to flea and tick control is knowledge of their biology. Certain stages of their life cycle can resist the effects of insecticides. The right product in the right place is critical to have any chance of gaining control and getting ahead of this problem. Find out more about our Flea and Tick Program here

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CORE AERATION: Aeration is one of the best things that we do as preventative medicine for lawns. Aeration loosens the soil and allows air, water, and nutrients to reach your lawn roots. It is also the best way to help correct the problem of excessive thatch build-up. Additionally, aeration of the lawn improves drainage and the take-up of water by the grass and it encourages deep root growth. Find out more about how our professionals can give you a more lush and healthy lawn. 

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DRILL SEEDING: Drill seeding is an agricultural process complete with a tractor and a specialized seeding attachment called a drill. The drill utilizes a mechanical mechanism to place seed in the soil. The depth of the seed can be regulated as well as the rate of application. Learn more about our Drill Seeding program here

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LIME PROGRAM: Lime is added to the lawn to resupply the soil with calcium and magnesium. These two elements are essential for strong, healthy growth. Read more about how a lime application can help your lawn.

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